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Linlithgow: Festival Toun

I’ve just discovered that Linlithgow is about to give birth to a book festival. Over the three years I’ve lived here, I’ve often thought the town could easily house a small-scale literary festival. It already has a folk festival, and Celebrate Linlithgow!, a broader arts festival, is to take place for the first time this October. The inaugural book festival is a one-day series of events to take place a fortnight today. You can find the programme here. It’s pretty good for such a fledgling event.
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    10/10/2006 13:11

    Mandy Maxwell is not a graduade of the prestigious Glasgow Uni creative writing course. There is no record of her ever having joined the programme.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink
    26/10/2006 14:56

    That’s not what I understood, but I might have picked the facts up incorrectly.

    Strange of you, whoever you are, to make your comment so far from the mention of Mandy Maxwell on this blog (“New Season Kicks Off”).

  3. Anonymous permalink
    16/11/2006 20:48

    Yes Andrew strange as you say. Anonymous writer is correct, I am not a graduate of the Glasgow Mlitt course, but of the GCNS prof writing course (last year 05-06.) However I’m glad I saw this, as ‘anonymous’ writer may be prophetic, as I’m currently putting together my portfolio to apply for the Glasgow course, year ’07.
    Not sure where the misunderstanding started, but thank you for the comments.
    Good luck.

  4. Andrew Philip permalink
    16/11/2006 21:49

    Thanks for clearing that up, Mandy.

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