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On Joining the Ranks of the Poetcast


I now have an entry on Poetcasting. Click here to go to the page and play or download MP3s of me reading “The Invention of Zero”, “To Bake the Bread” and “Tonguefire Night” as well as my Scots translation of Rilke’s “Der Panther”. It’s a long time since I heard myself reading my work, and I’m pretty pleased with the way it sounds. Hope you like it too, if you care to listen.

Recordings of a few more folk from the Arvon course will be added over the coming weeks, apparently. I’ll keep an eye out and post when it happens. At the moment, the only other Lumb Banker to be found on the site is performance poet Mim Darlington. I particularly like her “English Lesson“.

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  1. mcunningham permalink
    29/08/2007 02:16

    Those are very lovely poems, thank you. Fascinating to hear the Scots rendition of Rilke’s Panther.

    You and your readers may be interested in Lost Son, the new novel based on the life and work of Rilke.

    Find out more at

    All best wishes in writing & reading.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink
    29/08/2007 20:29

    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the poems. Thanks too for the link. I’ll certainly take a look.

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