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A StAnza Blog Roundup


StAnza reports are, naturally, now popping up in the Scottish literary blogomarble. Colin Will offers a StAnza insider’s point of view in his brief sketch. Rob A Mackenzie has two reports: one for the Friday* and one for the Sunday. Rachel Fox muses on her mixed feelings here; while Sorlil gives a StAnza first-timer’s view here. I’m sure there are/will be more.

*In passing, I’ll just mention that, at the weekend, he was far from the only one raving about August Kleinzahler‘s Friday performance.

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  1. Sorlil permalink
    18/03/2008 20:05

    it’s very interesting to read the variety of experience of StAnza and it’s especially good to get an insight into events I didn’t manage to get to.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink
    18/03/2008 21:09

    Absolutely. That’s one of the advantages of bloggery. Let me know if you come across any more reports.

  3. Sorlil permalink
    18/03/2008 23:46

    there’s swiss’ report on his blog here -

  4. Rachel Fox permalink
    19/03/2008 13:05

    Just to go round the houses completely…I’ve asked you a question on my blog about your comment there! Thought I’d mention it here as (a) I’m interested in the answer and (b) you might not be back there…? See what I mean…when did it get this complicated…?

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