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I Had to Pinch Myself


It’s been a momentous week in this neck of the woods. As you’ll know if you’ve been following this blog for a while, I’ve been working on a full collection of poetry, swapping manuscripts with Rob A Mackenzie and submitting to publishers. On Tuesday, the collection–The Ambulance Box–was accepted by Salt, who propose to publish in the spring. I’m delighted. Salt not only have a really strong list, but a positive, 21st century approach to the web, which publishers ignore or downplay at their peril. I’m thoroughly looking forward to working with them.

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  1. Matt Merritt permalink
    15/06/2008 18:26

    Congratulations, Andrew! Thoroughly deserved, and I’ll look forward to seeing it. As you say, a very strong list, and now that much stronger.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink
    15/06/2008 21:11

    Thanks, Matt. Hope Troy Town is doing well. I’ve just posted a note about your appearance on PoetCasting (been a long time coming).

  3. Anonymous permalink
    15/06/2008 23:54

    Almost as exciting as the Turkey v. Czech game!

    Good stuff, many congrats.


  4. Rob permalink
    16/06/2008 08:02

    “Almost as exciting as the Turkey v. Czech game!”

    Well, almost…! What an amazing match – not that you will have been watching it, Andy P, but it was one of the best.

    Seriously, this publication offer is so well deserved. The manuscript was excellent. I know the book will sell plenty of copies too, which ought to please Salt no end.

  5. Andrew Philip permalink
    16/06/2008 09:20

    Thanks, Andy and Rob!

    You’re right about me and the game, Rob: football is one national obsession I’ve never managed to get obsessed about. Hope you’re right about the sales too!

    Oh no! Exclamation mark overload! My punctuation is about to explode!

  6. Sorlil permalink
    17/06/2008 00:54

    That’s great news, congratulations.

  7. Anonymous permalink
    17/06/2008 08:46

    Congratulations from me too Andrew! Have been away for two weeks and look what happens when you return. Well done indeed. James W

  8. Rachel Fox permalink
    17/06/2008 10:50

    Well, the title is great for a start…very mind-catching. I read this yesterday (I think) and I’ve been wondering what the poem of the same title might be like ever since (I mean…now and again…not constantly…obviously…). Is there a poem called ‘The Ambulance Box’? Can you show it or is that not allowed? Maybe it’s already on an on-line what’s it somewhere..

  9. Andrew Philip permalink
    18/06/2008 20:44

    Many thanks, everyone. Glad you like the title, Rachel. It’s the title of a poem in the collection, but you won’t find it online as it hasn’t appeared anywhere as yet. I might post a poem or two from the book closer to publication, so I’ll consider posting that one.

  10. Violetwrites permalink
    25/01/2009 16:49

    congrats – on your most recent success!

  11. Andrew Philip permalink
    27/01/2009 22:32

    Thanks, Violet. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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