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SPL Launch: A Preliminary Post


Last night’s launch at the SPL was a huge success. We ran out of seating and wine glasses though not wine, I’m glad to say. Or books, I’m equally glad to say, despite the goodly number sold.

Really, though, I’m far too tired to give you a proper account tonight. I had an unavoidably a full — in fact, long — day at the office today on the back of my suitably latish night yestreen and my wrists wouldn’t thank me for it even if my brain could put a proper post together. Normal service will resume after recovery, which will involve a glass of wine and at least one night’s sleep. I’ll leave you with links to Peggy’s post and Colin’s comments.

Oh, and a set list:

  1. “Pedestrian”
  2. “Improvisation for the Angel who Announces the End of Time”
  3. “The Meisure o a Nation”
  4. “The Ambulance Box”
  5. “The Invention of Zero”
  6. “Lullaby”
  7. “Dream Family Holiday”
  8. “Notes to Self”

Oh, and a picture of me reading said set, taken by my friend and colleague, Diarmid Mogg:

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