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StAnza Plans


A brief note on my plans for StAnza this year. I’ll not manage to get through until the Friday evening. That means I’ll miss the poetry breakfast on the relative absence of young Scottish poets. I have a ticket for the Bill Manhire and Simon Armitage reading, but I’m not certain I’ll make it through in time for that. I’m staying overnight, though, so I’m planning to go to the open mike and hoping to get a spot to read from The Ambulance Box.

On the Saturday morning, I’m going to the masterclass, just as an audience member. After that, it’s the launch of Roddy Lumsden’s new collection, Third Wish Wasted, celebrated with a pie and a pint. Rob Mackenzie, Alexander Hutchison and I have booked a table at the poets market, so we’ll be splitting the afternoon’s shifts between us in a yet-to-be determined manner. However, our books should be for sale.

My final event of StAnza will be the Jay Parini and Jenny Bornholdt reading. I don’t know their work at all, but that’s the beauty of a poetry festival, isn’t it.

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  1. Sorlil permalink
    17/03/2009 22:25

    Hope the book selling goes well at the poet’s market, I’ll say hello if I see you.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink
    17/03/2009 23:07

    Thanks, Marion. Hope to see you there or around the general StAnza throng.

    And well done on getting into Horizon.

  3. Ross Wilson permalink
    18/03/2009 16:56

    Good luck with the book sale Andrew. I’ll probably see you around as I’ve booked a few events and will be in St Andrews over the weekend.

    Jay Parini: I don’t know his connection to poetry, but I read a biography of his about John Steinbeck in my early twenties, and remember enjoying it. Oh, and I think he had some connection to George Mackay Brown as well.

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