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Tomorrow night, I’m on home turf to launch The Ambulance Box in Linlithgow’s Black Bitch Inn*. I’m expecting a smaller crowd than at the SPL, but looking forward to it just as much. The event kicks off at 8 pm. There’s a bar and I’ll be reading two 15-minute sets, though I’ve yet to decide what. Anyone is welcome.

On Thursday 9 April, I’ll be at the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh to celebrate the publication of 5PX2: Five Italian Poets and Five Scottish Poets. Details of the event are at the first link in this paragraph.

*The black bitch is the emblem of Linlithgow — it’s one of those faithful hound stories — and, indeed, natives of the town, regardless of sex, are known as “black bitches”. That’s right: Scotland’s current First Minister is a black bitch.

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  1. Ross Wilson permalink
    27/03/2009 21:09

    Good luck with the reading.

    Surely there’s a poem in The Black Bitch! What a great name for a pub.

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