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Reviews Bubbling Up


The first print review of The Ambulance Box is in! It’s part of a piece in Magma 44, where Rosie Shepperd reviews it alongside Paula Meehan’s Painting Rain (Carcanet) and River Wolton’s The Purpose of Your Visit (Smith/Doorstop Books). The review is thorough and extremely positive. Here’s a headline quote:

delights readers with a dance through images and words that express powerful visionary and and spiritual experiences.

The issue also contains reviews of several friends’ books: Ben Wilkinson reviews Rob A Mackenzie’s The Opposite of Cabbage enthusiastically alongside no lesser names than Mark Doty and John Agard; there’s a mixed review of Lorraine Mariner’s fresh quirky and moving Furniture that nonetheless includes some high praise indeed; and another fine poet, Claire Crowther, provides a very positive review of Polly Clark‘s Farewell My Lovely.

Click the cover image above to go to the page for this issue of the magazine, though you can’t read the review online. It’s a great encouragement to be reviewed so warmly in such a good publication.

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