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The Words are Wild


Just finished reading Shira Wolosky’s The Art of Poetry: How to Read a Poem, which I borrowed from the Scottish Poetry Library. Good book, I thought; one I’d certainly recommend as a general overview of poetic form and rhetoric. I might well buy a copy for reference. Only once or twice did really think she’d missed something or got it slightly wrong about a poem, but she knows a lot more than I do. But I was amused by the following sentence, which closes a brief assessment of Poe and is the book’s only comment on poetry in a language other than English:

Such poems [those that “try to block the process of signification altogether”] remain, however, rather extreme cases, although they are wildly influential in France.

(p 193, emphasis mine.)

Dear me, whatever will those French folk think of doing next?

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  1. Ms Baroque permalink
    13/07/2009 21:46

    Well… tomorrow is Bastille Day…

  2. Jim Murdoch permalink
    14/07/2009 08:24

    I've added the book to my Amazon wish list. Christmas is a-comin'.

  3. Stephen Nelson permalink
    15/07/2009 12:55

    Voila les pommes avec le sauce!

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