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Northern Salt


Got back a couple of days ago from a week away near  Manchester, which  happened to coincide with the Manchester Literature Festival. There was a fair bit I’d have loved to have seen, but one I certainly couldn’t miss was the Northern Salt reading with my fellow Salt authors Elizabeth Baines, Robert Graham, Mark Illis and John Siddique at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

It was an excellent reading from four very different writers.  I’d have loved more poetry, but the prose writing was fine work indeed and Elizabeth in particular read with such a sense of rhythm. A good number of poets could learn from a reading like that, I tell you.

It was also a fantastic chance to meet a bunch of other Salteenies, not least the readers, of course but also one of the Salt dynamos Jen Hamliton-Emery; Tony Williams, whose first poetry collection is just out from Salt (in fact , Tony got his first sight of book that afternoon); and Steven Waling. Tony’s blog of the afternoon is here. There are photos of the reading and subsequent coffee over at Elizabeth’s blog.

Jen took some video of me blethering briefly about The Ambulance Box and also flimed the readings. I think she probably took some footage with Tony too, so watch out for all this appearing soon on the Salt blog!

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  1. 22/10/2009 20:57

    It was lovely to meet you, Andrew, and I am so gripped by your book!

  2. 23/10/2009 09:23

    Andy, it was good to meet you and the others. Looking forward to seeing your footage. I did indeed blether briefly too, including an accidental sexual innuendo at the end…
    Just realised as well that I never said in person how much I enjoyed your book!

  3. Andrew Philip permalink
    08/11/2009 23:24

    Wonderful to meet you both (and sorry I’m only now getting round to responding to your comments!). Many thanks for you comments on the book.

    Elizabeth, do thank John for the book from me and tell him I enjoyed it.

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