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Hidden Door is a brand new mini-festival of the arts that takes place at the end of this month. On 30 and 31 January, 30 bands, 40 artists, 10 poets and 10 film makers will take over the Roxy Art House in Edinburgh and transform the space with an art maze, hidden stages and innovative installations.

The festival is the brainchild of the artist David Martin, whose name will be familiar to readers of this blog. I’ll be reading at least once over the weekend, but when is still to be settled. I’ll post more detail when it’s available.

I’m also creating an interactive, collaborative poetry/art installation that will be in place throughout the weekend. I’m calling it a radial poem and its exact form is still taking shape. It’s a collaboration between me, the artist Geri Loup-Nolan, poets involved in Hidden Door and — finally — the paying public. This is an entirely new departure for me and I haven’t a clue whether it will work like a dream or fall flat on its face. But that’s part of the ethos of the event: to push your practice into new areas and to work collaboratively. What could be more collaborative than asking the punters to contribute to the creation of a piece? <gulp!>

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