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Deep Discounting


As part of Salt’s continuing Just One Book campaign, you can currently avail yourself of some eye-popping, knock-me-down-with-a-feather discounts on 12 titles while stocks last. Details below:

No. 1 Full Colour HB anthology “Poets in View” on offer at 70% off — Buy it now for £3.90!

No. 2 “Sister Morphine” Crime Fiction HB 80% off the RRP! Buy now for just £3.00!

No. 3 Buy Richard Marggraf Turley’s collection, “Wan-Hu’s Flying Chair” for just £1.00!

No. 4 Buy Tony Lopez’s collection, “Covers” for just £1.00!

No. 5 Buy Raymond Friel’s collection, “Stations of the Heart” for just £1.00!

No. 6 Buy John Burnside and Andy Brown’s “Goose Music” for just £1.00!

No. 7 Buy Sascha Aurora Akhtar’s “The Grimoire of Grimalkin” for just £1.00!

No. 8 Buy Vincent De Souza’s “Resurrecting Knives” for just £1.00!

No. 9 Buy Alexander Hutchison’s “Scales Dog” for just £1.00!

No. 10 Buy David Kennedy’s “The Devil’s Bookshop” for just £1.00!

No. 11 Buy Luke Kennard’s “The Migraine Hotel” for just £2.00!

No. 12 Full Col HB anthology “CONTOURLINES” on offer at 70% off — Buy it now for £3.90!

While you’re at it, you might like to browse more of what’s on offer (such as a certain book, if you don’t already own it). Remember, there’s 20% off all other Salt books in the online store. Happy, happy shopping!

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  1. 04/03/2010 04:35

    Great info!

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