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A Short Post to Apologise for Silence*


It has been, I know, far too long. So I’m doubly sorry you’re not going to get much of a post out of me for the moment. Suffice to say there’s too much to catch up on: the Salt Scotland launch, the HappenStance birthday party and said Fife-based press winning the Michael Marks Award.  Plus several workshops in East Lothian. And I’ve been madly busy at home  the past week and a half. I promise I’ll post something about it all, provided my memories don’t go too misty too soon.

And I should also remind you I’ll be in Dundee this Friday to read at the Dundee Literary Festival. You get a piece and cuppa in with the price. Bargain! I just need to work out what I’ll read in my 40 minutes …

* With added apologies to Stuart Kelly for the plagiarism.

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