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From the Moon to the Gutter


Michelle McGrane has been generous enough to offer to post a couple of poems from The Ambulance Box on her blog Peony Moon. You can now read “The Invention of Zero” and “Lullaby” on there, along with blurby bits and a short bio. Many thanks, Michelle!

It’s turned into quite an encouraging week on the writing front. Aside from Michelle’s post, I noticed to my surprise and delight that the book is now No. 6 on the current bestseller list on the front page of the Salt website. What’s really gratifying about that is that it means the poems continue to get out into the world, get into readers’ hands and (I hope) forge a life for themselves in readers’ heads and hearts.

Another great piece of encouragement dropped into my inbox this evening: a message telling me that, although the sequence I’d submitted for Gutter 3 wouldn’t be in that issue of the magazine, they’d like to publish it in issue 4. I’m particularly pleased, as Gutter is a cracking new magazine and the sequence in question was written for my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary last year.

To tell the truth, I’d been feeling a bit fallow on the writing front, so this is all a much needed boost to the system. I’m suddenly feeling fired up again. That’s partly also because of a great new project I’m co-curating for the next Hidden Door, which already has the outstanding poet David Kinloch and the wonderful film maker and photographer Alastair Cook on board. (More of that anon. For now, the washing up beckons accusingly.)

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