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MacAdam Bugged


Those of you wondering what else MacAdam has been getting up to lately can now have a tantalising — well, I hope it’s tantalising, but that’s for you to determine — glimpse, as another new poem “MacAdam Takes to the Road” has been included in the 17 July selection of Bugged submissions!* I’m delighted, not least because taking part in the project has done much more than give me one poem: it has rewakened my awareness; it’s got me listening and looking again in a way I was scarcely aware I had almost ceased to do.

This new awareness comes at the cusp of what feels like it has the potential to be a new creative phase. There are several other factors feeding into it but, with the effect Bugged has had on me, I’m far more hopeful that that potential will become reality.

*Don’t search on my surname, as they’ve inadvertently added an extra L. I’m used to it, and at least they didn’t pluralise me. (Bloody ancestors. What were they thinking?)


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