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Kindling the Box


So far, The Ambulance Box is available only in hard copy. However, I have been working on an audio book for the still rather bare Salt audio books site, of which more in due course. Also, has now made it possible to request that the collection be made availble for its Kindle e-book reader by clicking this link* (there isn’t a simliar link on, as far as I can see). The request, apparently, is passed on to my publisher. With the caveat that I’ve never tried any e-book reader, let alone a Kindle, I have to admit that I’m a bit of an e-book sceptic myself but don’t let that stop you! I plan to explore my scepticism a bit more in a separate post, but it seems from a couple of things I read today — namely this and this — that I need to learn a little more about what is possible and what’s going on before I go shooting my mouth off.

*It appears in the box below the cover image on the Amazon page, but I’ve given the direct link for simplicity’s sake.

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