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Impossible Music and Film; Definite Radio and Reading


It’s been a day of Impossible Journeys*. I’m sitting here basking in some of Paul Thomson‘s music to accompany Claire Askew‘s poem for the project, and I’ve also been absolutely loving Alastair Cook‘s film for my poem. All of which simply stokes my already considerable excitement about the fact it’s all going to come together at the weekend!

Hopefully, that enthusiasm will ooze through the airwaves tomorrow lunchtime, when Hidden Door‘s founder and creative director — David Martin — and I get the chance to talk about it on Radio Scotland’s “Culture Cafe“. Tune in on your set or online at 1.15 pm, though I think we’re on in the last 15 minutes of the programme, so you can be excused until 1.45 or, if you miss the whole thing, catch up on the iplayer for seven days.

Also, as you’ll note from the diary page, I’m reading at Hidden Door on Saturday evening along with Eleanor Rees, Jane Flett and Ericka Duffy. The reading kicks off at 7 pm. See you there!

*Among other things: the Poetry School, the gas boiler check-up, going for the milk …

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