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MacAdam Goes to StAnza


The full programme for this year’s StAnza is now available – has been for a few weeks, in fact – and it looks really interesting. It’s not packed with really big names and looks all the more stimulating for that.  I’m particularly pleased to see a strong showing of translated poets – and not all in the weekday daytime slots either, which means I should get to see some of them. That hasn’t always been the case, to my chagrin.

I’m also delighted to tell you that the filmpoem that the immensely talented Alastair Cook and I created for Hidden Door, MacAdam Takes to the Sea, is being shown at StAnza. It’s part of the Poety Loops event, which runs throughout the festival.  It was a real privilege and pleasure to work with Al on the piece. He captured the atmosphere wonderfully; or, perhaps, my subconscious tapped perfectly into his wavelength.

Two more of Al’s filmpoems are showing at StAnza series: -ed and Adrift, which engage with poems by Mairi “a lump in the throat” Sharratt and Juliet “Crafty Green Poet” Wilson.

This, of course, is the first festival under Eleanor Livingstone’s directorship, although Eleanor was artistic director for some time. Well done to her on putting together such a tantalising programme!

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