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On Saturday, the fine London-based Donut Press celebrated its 10th birthday with a quintuple book launch — Matthew Caley, Jude Cowan, AB Jackson, Wayne Holloway-Smith and Ahren Warner all launched their new pamphlets. I’m particularly looking forward to ABJ’s Apocrypha. I’ve heard him read from the sequence before and will be at the Glasgow launch on Friday.

Donut is a really fine press, producing beautifully made little (and not so little) books by established authors and newcomers. A Donut pamphlet is a gorgeous object. We’re not talking staples and card here! Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to the next 10 years and more of sugar and fat!

Andy’s Apocrypha is one of the 2011 books I’ve really been looking forward to. Some folk, like Mark Burnhope, already have it through the post, but I’m planning on picking mine up at the launch. It’s always good to have sales at a launch! But it’s also quite gratifying if someone presents you with a copy of the book they’ve already been reading.

Another of the books I’m looking forward to is JL Williams’s first collection Conditions of Fire, out from Shearsman. The Scottish launch for that is later this month at the good ol’ SPL — Jennifer also gets a launch in London, along with Carrie Etter. The Edinburgh event will also be the premiere of a new filmpoem by Alastair Cook of some of JLW’s work — a hugely enticing prospect, as I can easily imagine how well Jennifer’s poetic and Al’s visual approach might gel.

A third 2011 publication I’m eagerly anticipating is David Kinloch‘s next collection, Finger of a Frenchman, due out in April from Carcanet. Again, I’ve heard David reading from the poems that are in the book and, if you know his previous collections, you’ll know how intelligent and inventive a poet he is. Should be a treat.


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