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InterNaPwoWriMo IV


As many poets gear up for NaPoWriMo, in which they attempt to spend every day in April writing a poem*, I’ve signed up for InterNaPwoWriMo, in which poets from throughout the world post a pwoermd** a day during April. Much more manageable; simultaneously far zanier and far saner.

A pwoermd is, as the name suggests, a single-word poem. Geof Huth, Overlord of the Form and Mo, has an useful summation on his blog main of the methods of producing a pwoermd. He also has a discrete InterNaPwoWriMo blog for the season. I’m really pleased to see that not only Stephen Nelson, who got me into pwoermding, is participating but Mark Burnhope too.

So where’s your first effort? I hear you cry. Ah, dear reader, they’re here in this very post. You’ve past them already. Hover around; and you’ll miss ’em.

*I can’t escape the sense that it must have started off as an April fool’s joke.

**I seem to have been labouring under the understandable misapprehension that it’s “pwoemrd”. Sorry.

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