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Edinburgh Annuale bulletin perplex invites creative responses


Annuale PosterYesterday I received the e-mail below from Colin Herd. It looks like a really interesting opportunity for writers of any kind in or near Edinburgh at the appropriate time to interact with and respond to new visual art:

As part of Edinburgh Annuale 2011, the festival of independent art practice, I’m editing and publishing a publication called perplex. (It’s meant to sound like perspex, only a little more opaque).

The format (developed along with a lot of input from Derek Sutherland) is a single-page bulletin, published frequently throughout the three weeks that Annuale runs (24th June-17th July- though a few exhibitions are open already) and available at Embassy gallery and as many other Annuale venues as I can manage to distribute it in. These individual bulletins will be collated into one publication at the end of the festival.

I’m looking for as many writers as possible to visit any of the Annuale exhibitions and events (you can find a (not yet complete) list on Facebook here, and I presume the Embassy website will carry a list soon too) and then write some kind of response. The response can take any form whatsoever (review, poem, play, fiction, essay, combination, found text, vispo etc etc). The responses may specifically address a single exhibition or event, they may address annuale as a whole, or they may be a lot more indirect in their relation to the festival.

I am imagining all kinds of texts, and hoping that I get them. The only thing is, because of the nature of the publication (i.e. published almost every day of annuale, at least from the 30th onwards) the responses need to be fairly quick. The publication is meant to have a certain degree of the provisional and spontaneous about it, and I guess more polished versions could be re-included in later bulletins if the writer felt like doing that.

What I’m really hoping for is a dynamic and diverse publication, a separate part of Annuale in its own right, as well as a kind of document of response.

It would be great if you could circulate this as widely as possible to any writers who might be interested (I don’t see the point in this unless I have a wide and diverse and ambitious mixture of writers from as many disciplines as possible) and also maybe let me know if you’re interested in contributing so I have an idea of how many interested writers to expect (though also just send work as soon as possible after seeing a show if you prefer). There’s no money involved but the individual issues as well as the final publication will be freely available to all who desire one.


I’m setting up a page for  “perplex” on the website of the journal I edit:

Thanks, and really hope to receive your work,


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