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Memorable Holiday Poetry Facebook Comments


Here’s a quick round-up of several recommendations from comments on my Facebook note and Ingrid van der Voort’s repost of the same:

Ruth Murphy: Alice Walker — Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful.

Robert Peake: Marvin Bell’s Wednesday is both portable and rewards re-reading. I like to take multiple passes through slim volumes when travelling or on holiday.

Ingrid van der Voort: I’m waiting for the perfect summer weather with a sultry evening to re-read HD’s Hymen in the Dutch dunes — seaspray, the smell of salty sea grass, dune flowers and unfortunately no “black cedar & white cedar” …

Elizabeth Rimmer: Just read Drum of Stone. It rocked.

Caroline Macafee: Reading Rab Wilson’s A Map for the Blind. Particularly like “1957 Flying Scot” — sonnets to a bike.

Joost Baars: Are you kidding? There’s a new book by Juliana Spahr out, just now. Any summer with a new Spahr, I reckon is a super-poetry-summer!

Johan Herrenberg: Although he wrote a poetry collection called Transport of Summer, I think the luxuriant and colourful richness of language and imagery of Wallace Stevens’ Harmonium fits MY kind of summer very well …

Maarten Van Lummel: I study Italian, and while my Italian is getting pretty decent, it’s still challenging to deal with a new idiom, even if the text itself isn’t necessarily hard. I have some prose reading I have/want to finish first: a recent book on the bloody politics of late-fifteenth century Italy and Castiglione’s Il libro del cortegiano (The Book of the Courtier) but after that I’m going to explore either Ariosto’s Orlando furioso (which isn’t that hard) or Petrarca’s Canzoniere (which is). Yum.

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