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Greenbelt 2011 logoThe times and venues of my appearances at this year’s Greenbelt festival have just been confirmed. First up is a poetry workshop at 2 pm on Saturday 27 August in Crest. The workshop is entitled “Lines Home” and will probe the idea of home, tying into this year’s Greenbelt theme.

That’s followed on Sunday 28 August by “Inside the Ambulance Box”, a reading in The Hub at 3 pm. As the title suggests, I’ll be reading from the book but I will most certainly also be performing newer work alongside that. There should also be a good chunk of time for questions and answers.

This is my first time at Greenbelt as a contributor and, in fact, I’ve only been once before despite dreaming about it all through my teens. That once was significant in many subtle but lasting, growing ways — for instance, it was my first proper encounter with the Northumbria Community. I’m really excited to see what will come out of this year’s trip.

The rest of the line-up is here, and the literature line-up is here. If that doesn’t entice, I don’t know what will. Among the other lit bods at the festival are El Gruer — another Scot, though I confess hers is a completely new name to me — and fellow members of Subway Christian Writers, Ruth Downie and Simon Morden. Novelist Stella Duffy, who wrote and read a beautifully poetic, moving and wry story for The Verb the other week, is also on the bill.

So, I’ll be seeing you there? Do post a comment if you’re coming!

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  1. 30/06/2011 12:03

    I’ll do my best to be at the poetry workshop (unless it clashes with something absolutely unmissable!).

    Read from the floor at the Poetry Society’s ‘Fourth Friday’ last week – a new poem, no less – and I think it went well apart from not being able to read with my new glasses…

    • Andrew Philip permalink*
      30/06/2011 13:09

      Excellent all round, V — except for the glasses! (Whaddaya mean “clashes with something absolutely unmissable” 😉 )


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