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Man, Am I No An Inky Fechter?


Well, August is shaping up to be a rather busy month, isn’t it? Will I remain sane? Who knows. Still, it’ll be fun. Especially the somewhat madcap event I’ve cooked up for the Inky Fingers Minifest along with Rob A Mackenzie and Helen Ivory.

Entitled “A Knife Fight in a Telephone Box”, it’s a battle to the death — or something quite loosely resembling death — between three Salt authors and three from the Rest of the World. In the Salt corner: me, Rob and Alexander Hutchison. Boldly attempting to fend off our attempt at world domination are: Helen Ivory, Helena Nelson and Martin Figura.

Details of this eagerly awaited literary contest are still being kept secret. However, there will be rounds. And pointless points. Meanwhile, rumours of a trampoline abound. (Boom, boom!)

The full Minifest programme is here.

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  1. 03/08/2011 21:11

    The fun of going insane. Yippee!

    And jumping castles are better than trampolines, so you should really look into that possibility instead.

    I know they are better because I rented a jumping castle for my thirtieth birthday.

  2. Andrew Philip permalink*
    03/08/2011 21:33

    Oh yes, I agree: bouncy castles are much better than trampolines. The trampoline is in the programme now, though …

  3. 05/10/2011 19:39

    Jumping Castles are really better than trampolines and it was safe to play especially with kids.


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