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The #Tonguetwitter Project


UPDATED 16/08/11 (First published 10/05/11)

For a wee while now, I’ve been posting original tonguetwisters on Twitter every now and then. It’s great fun! I love the way it engages and exercises not only my writing brain but my linguistics brain, which is much less used these days. I love the leaven of levity and daftness it adds to the lump.

I had been posting them under the hashtag #newtonguetwisters, but that’s 1) unimaginative and 2) a bit long when there are only 140 characters available, so I’ve decided to post them from now on under the tag #tonguetwitter. The pun appeals to me and seems apposite in the circumstances. I’ve been keeping all the tonguetwisters in a document on my computer, so I’ll also be reposting the old ones with the new hashtag.

In addition, I’ll embed them all in this post as they go up on Twitter. So keep coming back to this page to see what’s new (or old, as some of them wil be). Here they are:

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