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Sold Out Again!


My next course for the Poetry School Online, which focuses on surprise as an engine of poetry and starts very soon indeed, is sold out. None of my students seems to have enrolled yet, but I hope they do soon, not least because I plan to post the first assignment in the next day or so! I’m looking forward tremendously to finding out who the students are and to working with them throughout January, February and into the beginning of March.

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  1. 20/02/2012 13:42

    Hi Andrew
    If anyone drops out … very disappointed to have left it too late.
    Cathy x

    • Andrew Philip permalink*
      20/02/2012 13:59

      I’m afraid we’re nearly finished the course anyway. The students have only one more assignment to do after tonight’s tutorial on the fourth assignment. Keep an eye out here for announcements of any other courses in future!

      • 20/02/2012 14:27

        Ah. I’m really NOT on top of things. Thanks for responding. You don’t, by any chance, have or know of, any literature on line endings? (I have also tweeted this request to you.) Cathy x

      • Andrew Philip permalink*
        20/02/2012 16:15

        Well, Katy Evans-Bush has a really good essay on the line in Stress Fractures. It’s is substantially about line endings but much more than just endings. There’s also a good chapter on the line in Bill Herbert’s Writing Poetry.

      • 20/02/2012 16:30

        Thanks so much. Currently concentrating very hard on your reasoning rhyme stuff which is illuminating. Did you know that at end of each post where you’ve linked to ‘next’ post, it redirects to your old blog? Not a problem for me but thought you might not realise. Cathy x

  2. Andrew Philip permalink*
    20/02/2012 17:03

    Oh, I thought I’d sorted that! Thanks for letting me know.

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