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From a Radio Near You, Christmas Morning


Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve had a Christmas full of light, blessings and peace. I trust you haven’t eaten too much turkey (or whatever you dined on for Christmas day β€” some rather delicious pork in our case*). Equally well, I hope you’re not staring at a fridge full of leftovers for the next three weeks.

Anyway, if you want a relaxed, fun and interesting reminder of Christmas morning, here’s the iplayer link for my Radio Scotland appearance. There are four days left to listen before it turns into a virtual pumpkin. I pitch up at about 12:15 into the proceedings and again at 39:43, but if you fast forward, you’ll miss some great music and interviews.

*The irony of celebrating the birth of the rabbi of a first-century Jewish sect by eating pork is not lost on me.

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  1. 28/12/2011 12:05

    Merry Christmas to you tank you and God bless ya

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