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The Gutter Abnominal


Circumstances have kept me from doing anything with this blog lately, but things seem to be settling down a bit, so I’m back to some degree of blogging at least — though don’t expect too much from me for a whilie! Anyway, the purpose of this post is to say that one of my abnominals, “Oh, Jubilant Jute Lid!”, will be published in August in issue 7 of Gutter magazine.

This issue will include work by international luminaries such as August Kleinzahler alongside writers more familiar from the Scottish scene. I’m particularly pleased that guest poetry editor, Alexander Hutchison, chose “Oh, Jubilant Jute Lid!” for the magazine. It’s the first of my abnominals — and, to my knowledge, the first abnominal full stop — to be published other than on a blog or Facebook. That it is addressed to my wife makes it all the more pleasing, partly because my first appearance in Gutter was with my “10 x 10” sequence for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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