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Falling into the Gutter Abnominal


All that gold is what glitters!

Gutter 07 arrived in the post this afternoon. As I mentioned previously, I have one poem in this issue, the first of my abnominals to be published anywhere. I’m particularly pleased it’s the abnominal I wrote for my wife. It’s a month or two since I last looked at it, and I’m happy to see that it still stands up. If anything, the distance seems to have improved it to my eye.

I’m especially pleased that my piece — “Oh, Jubilant Jute Lid!”— is facing a poem by Paula Jennings. Paula is a friend from back in my Sure Poets days and was, as far as I’m aware, the first person to use a poem of mine in a workshop. (At least, she was the first person to tell me that she had used a poem of mine in a workshop!) Encouragement like that means an awful lot to an emerging poet.

Flicking through the contents list, this looks like a particularly strong issue on the poetry side. There is a good international showing, with new work by August Kleinzahler, Marilyn Bowering and Susan Musgrave, not to mention a sparky Mallarmé translation. Guest editor Alexander Hutchison has done an excellent job by the looks of it. Another one to add to the growing pile of must-read volumes by my bed!

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