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A Small Glow of Editorial Satisfaction


The new issue of Irish Pages, entitled Memory, has just arrived today. It includes work by Michael Longley and Wendell Berry as well as a substantial contribution by David Kinloch. It also happens to be the first issue which I have had some editorial input, my contribution on that side being a beautiful poem by Dorothy Lawrenson and four fine poems in Scots by Aonghas MacNeacail. (Aonghas, of course, is far better known as a Gaelic writer. Those of you unfamiliar with his Scots writing should certainly check out his pamphlet from Kettilonia.) I also have two abnominals in the magazine, one in memory of my son Aidan and one in memory of Edwin Morgan. There’s a significant chunk of pieces about the Titanic, Longley’s being one of them; work in Irish; a section of poems translated from the Quebecois; some stunning photographs from Elizabeth Switaj; and much more besides.

Now that the nights are growing longer, you have much more daylight on your hands. A good, substantial volume like Irish Pages is just what you need!


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