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Robert Peake’s Holiday Poetry Reads


I recently sweet-talked my way into a preview copy of Tim Krcmarik’s forthcoming collection The False Lark. What a lark it is. I loaded it onto my Kindle and it has been cheering up my commute by train into London no end. Surrealism is hard to pull off well, but I think what makes Tim’s work so convincing is the way he tunes up the music as equal to the task. If you cover up any part of a poem, there’s no way to guess what is coming from the previous lines. The element of surprise is always his. Yet the pieces cohere, and touch on matters essentially human, in the midst of so much nuttiness. It’s big band with heart, and it’s utterly fresh. I think this represents some of the best of what contemporary rough-and-tumble American poetry can offer right now. Tim works as a firefighter in Austin, Texas and the book should be out before the end of summer from Diabolical Genius Press in Houston. Do yourself a favour and find a copy, even if you have to dig.

Robert Peake is an American poet living in England. His most recent pamphlet is The Silence Teacher (Poetry Salzburg, 2013). He also coordinates the Transatlantic Poetry on Air reading series, pairing poets from across the pond for online readings and conversations.

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  1. False Lark, Real Heat

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