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#TApoetry Silk Road Reading 1


Gracious, I’m almost getting to be an old hand at this online reading lark. I suppose twice counts something like “old hand” in the world of new technology, right? Anyway, it was a great pleasure to read with Isabel Galleymore, Chris McCabe and Paul Stephenson for the first of two special Transatlantic Poetry readings that Robert Peake is doing on the back of the special feature on British poetry he presented in issue 10 of Silk Road Review. Even if “with” feels slightly different to when you’re all sitting in a room together, there is still the same camaraderie. In fact, there may even be more of a camaraderie, given that we’re all pretty new to this approach of the “virtual poetry magazine”, as Paul called it.

Those of you who missed the reading — or those of you who didn’t but want to relive the experience — can see it here:

And you can, until Tuesday (15 October 2013), win a copy of the Silk Road issue we all read from. Details are in the video.

The second of these Silk Road readings is on Saturday. Details are here. There is a tremendous line-up of readers: Liz Berry, Fiona Benson, Mark Burnhope, Abi Curtis, Helen Ivory, Ira Lightman, Rob A. Mackenzie, and Esther Morgan. Not to be missed!

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