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Poetry Workshops

What poetry workshops does Andrew offer?

  • Tales of the Unexpected — bringing surprise into your poetry;
  • All Lies! — encouraging the imagination;
  • My Life As … — monologues in the voice of non-human subjects;
  • The Street Where You Live — writing poems about places;
  • Beyond Burns — exploring and writing poetry in Scots;
  • A Good Old Story — writing ballads;
  • Shaping Up — writing shape and concrete poetry;
  • More Than Just Cherry Blossom — writing haikus and tankas;
  • Found in the Translation — translating poetry into English or Scots.

If you would like a poetry workshop on a topic not mentioned above, contact Andrew to discuss.

Some feedback from poetry workshop participants:

Andrew Philip’s course for The Poetry School on form and structure, particularly where we focussed on the monostich, and the importance of line as a single unit, pretty much blew my mind. It really made me think of poems as constructed with lines… the simplest thing to understand but it really transforms your writing.

I’ve been writing poetry seriously for quite a few years now, so I knew that poems were constructs, made up of parts, like lines. But focussing on monostiches, lines which were meant to work as entire poems in themselves, meant that I developed a much keener eye and a much more practical working knowledge of HOW to make every single line pull its weight. — Mark Burnhope writing on Facebook

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