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What poetry workshops do you offer?

  • Tales of the Unexpected — bringing surprise into your poetry;
  • All Lies! — encouraging the imagination;
  • My Life As … — monologues in the voice of non-human subjects;
  • The Street Where You Live — writing poems about places;
  • Beyond Burns — exploring and writing poetry in Scots;
  • A Good Old Story — writing ballads;
  • Shaping Up — writing shape and concrete poetry;
  • More Than Just Cherry Blossom — writing haikus and tankas.
  • Portfolio building for Higher and Advanced Higher

What can you cover in Scots sessions?

  • Roots and Shoots — history and status of the language;
  • Screivin it Doun — spelling Scots and using Scots dictionaries;
  • Yer Ain Tung — writing your own Scots glossary;
  • Say it in Scots — vocabulary building;
  • Speakin Oot — writing your own work in Scots.

What CPD sessions can you offer?

  • Poetry Writing — learn some tricks and tips to get pupils writing and even write some poetry yourself.
  • Scots Language — increase your awareness of Scots issues and Scots materials for the classroom.

What longer projects have you been involved in?

  • Bo’ness Academy (2008-09) — a six-session Scots poetry writing project with an S2 class. The focus was on creating poems that celebrated Bo’ness. Forms used included: haiku, tanka, ballad and shape poems.

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