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Some feedback from S2 pupils:

What did you like?

  • “Writing in a different way.”
  • “Using Scots.”
  • “Everythin.”

What did you learn?

  • “The difference between Scots and slang.”
  • “That poems can progress from anything.”
  • “That writing poems is fun + easy if you enjoy yourself + listen.”

Some feeback from teachers:

“The S2 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing in Scots with professionals who recognised the merit in their work! Their ability to identify features and landmarks in their locality and the development of their familiarity with the Scots tongue led to a further bonding with their community.” — Class Teacher

“The Advanced higher group commented on how much they learned from the workshop sessions.” — Principal Teacher of English

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If you have feedback on a session with Andrew, add a comment below! Comments may be used in publicity material.

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