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The Benefits


What can exploring Scots in the classroom do?

  • Contribute towards the Curriculum for Excellence Literacy and English experiences and outcomes.
  • Address the four capacities in CfE.
  • Help to engage and enthuse Scots-speaking pupils.
  • Improve metacognitive awareness and skills by clearly delineating between Scots and English.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Longer projects allow scope for involving other departments, e.g.:

  • Art: pupils take photographs of their area that are then used to inspire shape poems. The poems can be superimposed on the images and could be worked into a creative display to enhance a public area of the school.
  • Music: pupils could write and arrange music for a ballad they have written.
  • Enterprise: pupils’ writing could be used to create Scots language products. Always popular with parents and grannies!
  • Modern Languages: as part of Scots sessions, pupils could explore translations of German poetry, comparing them with the originals and translations in English.

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