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The Invention of Zero

The Invention of Zero

What like was it
xxthis abundant world

where nothing was not —
xxno neat ring

shackling us to absence,
xxno way not

to count or be counted —
xxwhere everything

filled without this
xxempty nest of a number

perched in the mind,
xxeverything swerved

its wide white oblivion ;
xxand could we

given the state of our knowledge
xxlive with the lack of it

unable to quantify
xxcertain populations

in the wild, the exhaustion
xxof our reserves,

the number and intensity
xxof cries in the night?

Recorded by Alex Pryce for PoetCasting.

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  1. Keith Parker permalink
    26/07/2011 10:05

    Very beautiful and with an intellectual charge that adds to the beauty, a meditation on a world without 0 showing in its form and content why we need it. Well done.

  2. 25/10/2011 23:32

    Hi Andrew, great to come across your blog and loved the poems…if you ever have the time to pop on to my blog and try and find one poem that are anywhere near publishable I would appreciate it…

    i wondered what structure lay behind the two poems above or were they just free verse…

    i myself have just started a uni degree late in life (42) and wondered how much studying other poets and forms helped you….thanks for the time…..

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