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The Ambulance Box (Salt, 2009 [hbk]; 2010 [pbk])
Andrew Philip: A Sampler (HappenStance Press, 2008)
Tonguefire (HappenStance Press, 2005)


“MacAdam’s First Act of Environmental Courage” in By Grand Central Station We Sat Down and Wept (Red Squirrel Press)
“Summa” in The Forward Book of Poetry 2010 (Faber & Faber)
“The Birlin Jar”, “The Melody at Night, With You” and “Watergaw” in The Golden Hour Book Vol 2 (Forest Publications)
“Breathing is the Place to Start”, “Extract from the Annals: The Farewell Tour”, “It Comes to the Crunch”, “The Melody at Night, With You” and “The White Dot” in 5PX2: Five Italian Poets and Five Scottish Poets (Edizioni Torino Poesia and Luath Press)
“An Event Peculiar tae this Pairt o the Planet”, “Dream Family Holiday” and “Renewables” in A new orkney anthology (The George Mackay Brown Writing Fellowship)
“Your Open Hand” in There’s a Poem to be made: in celebration of Stewart Conn’s 70th birthday (Shore Poets)
“A Perfect Drying Day” Extraordinary Renditions (Amnesty International)
“Wallace in Lanark” (modern Scots version of excerpts from Blind Hary’s Wallace) in The Wallace Muse (Luath)
“The Panther” and “Hairst Day” (Scots translations of Rilke) in The Smoky Smirr o Rain (Itchy Coo)
compiler Variations on a New Song: Poems from the Holyrood Poetry Link Scheme (Scottish Poetry Library)

Poems in Magazines, Newspapers, Webzines:

“10 x 10” in Gutter issue four
“MacAdam Essays the Meaning of Loss” and “MacAdam Essays an Act of Faith” in Horizon Review issue five
“MacAdam Takes to the Road” in July 17 choice on
Five poems efter Sinan Antoon: “A Prism; Weit wi Wars”, “Absence”, “When Ah wis torn bi war”, “Phantasmagoria II”, “A Photae” in Edinburgh Review 127
“MacAdam’s Lament for Island Life” and “Onding” in Poetry Scotland 62
45 Minutes” in Artisan, No. 14, Summer 2008
“In Praise of Dust” in The SHOp, No. 25, Autumn 2007
“Saxifrage” in The Rialto, No. 63, Autumn 2007
“Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes”. (Scots translation of Rilke), “Coronach”, “A Muckle Music” and “Waukrife” in Lallans 70, Ware 2007
A Rough Guide to Monday Morning” in The Scotsman, Saturday 4th November (online edition has: “A Rough Guide to the Morning”)
“Sketchbook of a Trip to the Hebrides” in island magazine, sight-lines issue
For Broken or Worse” sequence on the Spring Tides website:
“Wandelvakanties dicht bij huis” in Third Way (Feb)
Hairst Day” (Scots translation of Rilke) on the Scottish Arts Council website
“An Independent Light”, “A Fundamental Difference”, “The Road from Emmaus”, “Meditation on a Cut-price Set of Crockery”, “A Voice is Heard in Ramah” in Chapman 104
“Nectarines” in Lunch at Yes: New Writing Scotland 20 (ASLS):
“Bee Purple” in Sou’wester (Southern University of Illinois Edwardsville)
“A Rough Guide to Monday Morning” in The Herald, Monday 7th October and as a Scottish Book Trust national poetry day postcard:
“St Cuthbert’s Beads” and “Edison on the Brink” in ibid 6
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