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Bubbling up in Magma


My contributor’s copy of Magma Poetry issue 51 arrived in the post today. It’s my Magma debut, with one new poem, “Fallen Icons of the Angel Barbie”, and I’m rather stunned to be named on the front cover alongside Selima Hill, Gillian Clarke, Penelope Shuttle and Pascale Petit. Rob A Mackenzie and Polly Clark also have poems in the issue, and there is a section on the Gregory award winners of this year.

The prose also looks well worth a read, as ever. There’s a piece by Kathryn Simmonds on titling poems; Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks chooses a section from Auden’s “In Memory of WB Yeats”; Sally Read writes about the profane and the sacred in poetry; and, finally, Maritreyabandhu provides a Buddhist approach to “Making poetry a spiritual practice”. That last one in particular sounds interesting.

Magma is an excellent magazine, with a rotating editorship, which keeps it fresh. Rob is editing issue 53— entitled Music: The Universal Language — along with Kona Macphee. The call for submissions is here.

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