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06 | 16 : Andrew Philip


Last on the 06 | 16 front, here’s a poem from me, first published in 5PX2:

The Melody at Night, With You

Snow bound and determined to break
out of the silence enforced by chronic fatigue
Jarrett is at his piano again (the first time
in let’s not contemplate how long for a man
as given to his art as this) stripping
the tune right back to all that ever mattered,
taking it to heart the way you’d want
her to take what you know most sparing:
your softest, most unguarded speech and touch—
no smoke, no mirrors, no sleight of hand,
no firecracker runs or full-voltage solo virtuosics:
just the tune; the tune and Christmas coming.
A moment to warm the fingers. Press RECORD.

And here are the details for tomorrow’s reading:

Hope to see you there! It should be a great evening of poetry from those guys.


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